Relationship complications: Tollywood to ignore Pavithra forever?

For the past few days, news regarding actor Naresh and his ‘Good Friend’ Pavithra Lokesh is grabbing the netizens’ attention. Things turn even worst when Naresh’s third wife Ramya red-handedly caught Naresh and Pavithra in a hotel room in Bangalore.

Though Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh gave an explanation of the bondage between them through an online video bite, looks like the netizens are satisfied with the answers and are seen trolling both Naresh and Pavithra for their extramarital affair.

Now, the latest news we hear from our sources is that this relationship complication of Pavithra Lokesh is going to cost her big. Reportedly, Pavithra who is roped in for the mother role in two big-budget Tollywood films is sidelined as her offscreen character might affect the respective films big-time. If the situation remains to be seen, it is for sure that Tollywood is going to ignore Pavithra Lokesh forever. In Telugu, Pavithra Lokesh got a good identity for her mother’s role is the conclusion twist of the tale.

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