Regina lost weight to slip into bikini

Regina Cassandra got her name as the actress who looks more like girl-next-door than a glam doll. She made an attempt to be in few films in Telugu but never really tried out a complete eye-candy kind of a role in her life. She had apprehensions to do such a role in her next film, Chandramouli, but she decided to go for it and had to shed weight to look picture perfect in a bikini.

Not all heroines have bikini bodies but our directors try to hype up their projects and create such buzz by saying that the actress in their film acted in intimate scenes and did not hesitate from skin show. Similarly, Thiru, the director of Tamil movie, Chandramouli wanted Regina to get comfortable with the idea of wearing a bikini on screen and also showing off her skin. He convinced her that it will be an asset for the film

A source in the know said, “After several deliberations, Regina Cassandra took the decision to try the glam-doll side of her. As she knows how social media would be trolling her all-over she decided to reduce weight and she looks perfect in the song now.” The actress didn’t get much of a success in glamour roles in Telugu, may be this time she will be successful in transforming her image, in Tamil.