Recce Web Series Review and Rating!

Reputed OTT platform Zee5’s original series, Recce is premiered on the streaming channel today. Let’s analyse it.

Story: Prominently, the series revolves around the rivalry between two political groups. To kill the sitting municipal chairman, Varadarajulu( Aadukalam Naren) in Tadipatri town, a gang will be appointed by the opposite camp. Kullayappa( Thotapalli Madhu) mediates and set the deal with four notorious killers who are non-resident of Tadipatri. After a few twists and turns, under mysterious circumstances, Varadarajulu and his son Chalapathi ( Siva Balaji) will be murdered. To investigate the twin murders, the town sub-inspector Lenin ( Sriram) will start his groundwork. What kind of unexpected truths will Lenin finds in his investigation regarding the murder cases, forms the crucial crux of the show.

Performances: Kollywood actor Naren is believable in the role of a local politician and did his part perfectly. Actor Sriram as a sincere cop live in his role and brought life to all the investigation scenes with his screen presence and settled performance. While Siva Balaji is decent in his role as a frustrated son of a politician, his aggressive-natured performance in a couple of family scenes is good.

Senior actor Thotapalli Madhu did his purposeful role quite effectively. Artists such as Sammeta Gandhi, Uma Daanam Kumar, Krishna Kanth, Murali are impressive in their respective roles as serial killers.

Saranya, Rajashree Nair, Ester Noronha, Ramaraju, Dhanya Balakrishna, Surya Theja are decent in their respective roles as padding artists.

Technicalities: The background music by Sriram Maddury is a major plus point for this action drama. The sound design elevates all the crucial scenes in a superb manner.

DOP by Ram K Mahesh is impressive as he captures the rustic flavour of the series in a brilliant way. While the editing by Kumar P Anil registers, the sound design by Sai is fine.

The artwork by Karthik Ammu and Babu is done perfectly. Production design by Jhansi.Lingam and Nani is good. The production values for this Zee5 original series are good.

Analysis: Written and directed by Krishna Poluru, the show prominently captures the mindset and rustic behaviour of the people in small towns. The dialogues are hard-hitting and apt for the premises. Krishna Poluru took good care and executed the proceedings on an engaging note.

To summerize, Recce is a political thriller that revolves around the murder mystery of two cases. While all the lead artists did a good job, Krishna Poluru’s narrative makes this series a must-watch show this weekend.

Verdict: Engaging crime thriller!

Rating: 3/5