RDX Love

Payal Rajput is a hot sensation these days and to cash in on her image, C Kalyan has made a film called RDX Love which is out today. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Story : Alivelu played by Payal Rajput and her gang indulge in many social activities. Because of this, they get noticed and CM invites them for a special dinner. That is the time, Alivelu unleashes her actual mission and reveals why she wanted to meet the CM and what is her actual goal. The rest of the story is as to how Alivelu fulfills her mission and where do Tejus and the rest of the cast feature is the crux of the story.

Performances : Payal Rajput is the real star of the film as she entertains both glamor and performance-wise. She did full justice to her big role and did more than what was expected of her. Payal is a performer and did well in all the emotional and serious scenes. Aditya Menen is the main villain and he did his role to the best of his capabilities. Nagineedu was good as the corrupt CM. Tejus played his supporting role convincingly. The rest of the cast was just about okay.


Payal Rajput

Skin Show




Run time

Logicless scenes

Analysis : The film is about a girl who wants a special favor for her village. This looks good on paper but boy when it came to execution things went haywire from the word go. The first half was cheap and filled with a lot of vulgarity which many will feel suffocated. Upon this, there was no story that was showcased here in the first half.

When things pick up post the first half, the makers once again dilute the topic and make the film boring. Payal’s skin show is of no use as the proceedings become so lethargic that you look at the exit door at once.

The film never picks up the pace from there and whatever emotions are showcased are dumb and artificial. If you want to enjoy Payal’s skin show watch this film but to enjoy that you need to suffer big time through the narration of the film.

Rating: 1/5

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