RC15 in more troubled waters

The start of Ram Charan’s film with director Shankar was a highly promising one to be sure, but that seems to be a distant promise now, with so much drama going on behind the scenes. Director Shankar has very famously taken the decision to juggle between his film Indian 2 and this film, allotting ten days for each film in a month.

With time already having been split between two films at the same time, it is certain that the quality of the film would be compromised to a certain extent. Now, the director is said to have made Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 his priority, over Charan’s film, which is not a very settling piece of news for anyone.

This was followed by the walking of art directors recently, and there are said to be more problems for the film that haven’t come out still. The budget is already said to have gone overboard, and Charan is also said to have been put in a very complex situation, as the actor can neither move on to another project nor stik to this, due to the confusing situations. Inside sources are saying that producer Dil Raju is highly unhappy with the circumstances, and if things get much worse, then another director could be brought in to replace Shankar as well. It is to be seen what will happen now.

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