Ravi Babu takes an indirect dig at Prakash Raj

Actor, director Ravi Babu has been known to be someone who always speaks his mind without any filters, and has earned the reputation of being a very straightforward person in the industry. He isn’t much in the media, but whenever he comes in front of the media, he never fails to make a mark, with his comments, no matter what he talks about.

It is already known that the MAA elections this year are the most controversial and politicised elections in the history of MAA elections, with Prakash Raj and Vishnu Manchu, who are racing for the post of President, indulging in a war of words against each other, over various topics. The industry is divided in terms of the elections, while the senior members and star actors have been tight-lipped about the elections thus far.

Speaking about the elections, Ravi Babu took an indirect dig at Prakash Raj. While not taking the actor’s name, Ravi Babu asked why the embers of MAA were going ahead with a non-local person for the post of President, when there are so many capable people within the Telugu speaking and local members of the association. He said that Tollywood has had a history of encouraging people from other states, while neglecting local talent, and noted that the same thing is happening now, in terms of MAA elections. He asked why people should vote for a non-local person when we can vote for our own kind.

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