Rana: I apologize on behalf of Ram Charan

The pre-release event of Rana’s upcoming film, Virata Parvam, took place today, for which Venkatesh and Ram Charan were invited as the chief guests. While Venkatesh was very much present at the event, Ram Charan couldn’t make it to the event. Taking to the stage, Rana apologized on behalf of Charan, saying that he couldn’t make it to the event as his flight to Hyderabad was delayed.

Talking about the film, Rana said that he is very glad that he got to do a film like Virata Parvam, and said that the film is made all the more beautiful because of Sai Pallavi, who plays Vennela in the film. He also said that 5 out of 6 important characters in the film are centered around women. Rana thanked all the fans that attended the event, and said that he never believed he had any fans until he started Virata Parvam, as his fans asked him to not do films like Virata Parvam

Rana promised his fans that he would be doing more films that cater to them from here on, and that they’re going to have a blast here on. Virata Parvam is all set to be released on June 17th and is directed by Venu Udugula.