Ram Gopal Varma, to target the entire Mega family this time?

Ram Gopal Varma is now only feeding on controversies or sex. He is making films on these two points from the past few years. He has released Climax and Naked till now which belong to the erotic genre. Now, he has made a controversial film titled Power Star which shows Power Star Pawan Kalyan in a bad light. Looking at the trailer, we can easily understand that Ram Gopal Varma has even touched Pawan Kalyan’s personal life as well. Many have criticized Varma’s act in cashing in on controversies by showing others in a bad light.

Power Star is set for release tomorrow. Now, as per the latest reports, Ram Gopal Varma is contemplating to make a biopic on Uday Kiran’s life. Uday Kiran raised to stardom in no time with back to back super hits. However, he has seen downfall and never came back. He ended his life abruptly. There is some controversy that Mega family is behind Uday Kiran’s sudden demise which is not proven and not authentic either.With this biopic, Ram Gopal Varma is going to target the entire Mega family is the current talk in the industry.

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