Ram Gopal Varma decides not to, not target Allu Aravind

Ram Gopal Varma invented a genre, Fictional Reality to call his “parodies” based on real life people. As using the names of the people whose story, he is telling is highly risky, he decided to take this route. He made it official that he is targeting Allu Aravind while denying that he is doing so. He even titled the film, “Allu” and he seems to have to find it more worthy of his time to make such cheap comedies than serious films.

This time around though few Pawan Kalyan fans are in support of this film, “Allu” as they identify Allu Arjun and Allu Aravind as enemies of Pawan Kalyan within the Mega Family. Ram Gopal Varma, in a series of tweets talked about the film, Allu and we translated the Telugu ones loosely, to give you an idea.

“Another one of RgvWorldTheatre’s next Fictional Reality FR films is


It is the fictional story of what one brother in law from behind did to the family of a very big star ..The story starts after the star announces his “Jana Rajyam” Party”

” “అల్లు” అనే టైటిల్ ఎందుకు పెట్టామంటే ఇందులోని మెయిన్ క్యారెక్టర్ రకరకాల ప్లాన్స్ “అల్లు”తూ వుంటాడు. (The title reflects the main character’s nature to stitch broad plans and schemes, hence the title)”

“తనకి మంచి జరగాలి అంటే ప్లాన్ అల్లు, మరొకడికి చెడు జరగాలి అంటే ప్లాన్ అల్లు అనే స్ట్రాటర్జీ తో ప్లాన్ ల అల్లుడు లో ఆరితేరిపోయి, పెద్ద స్టార్ అయిన తన బావ పక్కనే ఉంటూ తన మైలేజీ పడిపోకుండా ఉండటానికి తమ ఇంటి “అల్లు”డు అని కూడా మర్చిపోయి ఎప్పటికప్పుడు ప్లాన్లు అల్లుతూ వుంటాడు. (The main character doesn’t think twice about doing right or wrong thing until it yields a good result for him. He keeps scheming up against any person and every person for his own good. He doesn’t even spare his own brother-in-law, who is a big star.)”

“అందరితో తనని “ఆహా” అనిపించుకోవటానికి తనకి కావాల్సిన వాళ్ళకే మంచి జరిగేలా చెప్పి ప్లాన్ ల మీద ప్లాన్ అల్లుకుపోతూ ఉండే ఒక పెద్ద అల్లికల మాస్టర్ కథే ఈ “అల్లు”.. (The man wants to make everyone say ‘Aaha’ and he can stoop to any level to achieve what he has set out to do. He will do anything for the good of “his” people and story is about such a schemer)”

“”అల్లు” will have characters called

A Aaravind

K Chiraaanjeevi

Prawan Kalyan

A Aaarjun

A Sheeresh

K R Chraran

N Baebu

and etc etc”

“Like some are thinking in reality “అల్లు” is not a non fictional film I am not doing to take revenge for calling me నికృష్టుడు and I swear this on my love for the family”

“In “అల్లు” I will not,not say that it will not,not have theatre mafia, selling party tickets, back biting politics and causing problems between loving brothers”