Rangasthalam buzz heightens further.!

Rangasthalam is the most talked about biggie this year with an interesting star cast like Ram Charan Tej and Samantha Akkineni along with Jagapathi Babu, Adhi Pinisetty, Anasuya and Naresh, Prakash Raj. Sukumar is coming with a period drama set in villages of Godavari district. The movie is said to be the best performance of Ram Charan Gill date and even Samantha said that she never worked for any role much harder than this.

Ram Charan Tej shared in one of the interviews the excitement and emotion his parents showed after the film. He said, “My father is very vocal about my choices and films. Being Chiranjeevi, he knows exactly, what the actor has tried to convey and how a director captured it. So, after watching the movie, he asked for Sukumar and talked to him about what he liked and what he felt about the movie for 30 minutes. He had tears in his eyes when he talked to me and I felt really happy.”

He continued, “The most moving reaction came from my mother. She normally doesn’t talk much about my performances as she feels that will be discouraging or over-boosting. But for this movie, after screening, she took my hands and held them close to her. She sat for five minutes like that holding my hand and I couldn’t ask her anything. She is feeling emotional and I was too. She had tears in her eyes of happiness and that is more than any awards to me.” He even gifted expensive items to the writers of the films and Devi Sri Prasad’s music has made the film even more popular. The advance bookings are sensational and everyone is talking about the movie to release on 30th March.