Ram Charan says he’s just a student with Rajamouli

From his debut Chirutha to the latest RRR, Ram Charan has come a long way since he made his first film. After having worked with Rjaamouli for his very second film, Ram Charan has once again gotten the chance to work with the master filmmaker for RRR, one of the most highly anticipated in Indian Cinema right now.

Talking to the media recently, when asked how the actor approached RRR, Ram Charan said that he goes into Rajamouli’s film as a student, and not as an actor. Charan said that one can learn a lot from working with Rajamouli and that every day is a learning experience. He also noted that it is always important to understand the vision of the director, in order to be able to give your best for the film.

Apart from RRR, Ram Charan will also be seen alongside his father in Acharya and has also started shooting for his film with Shankar. RRR was supposed to have been released on January 7th but has been postponed due to the spreading of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus pandemic, across the nation.

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