Rajsekhar falls sick again. Pre-release tension?

Every time his film releases, actor Dr Rajasekhar falls ill due to hypertension. Yes. In fact this is why the pre-release event of Kalki was cancelled on Wednesday. When PSV Garudavega was due to release in a couple of days too, the actor fells sick as he was very much worried about how the film would do. As it is his second innings, where he is trying to bring back the lost fame and name, and Rajsekhar takes too much of tension.

After Garudavega did really well in the theatres, he felt very much better, In between, before the release itself, he underwent a surgery and it is not good for him to undergo hypertension in between.

Once again, he falls sick as his next is one day away from release. On Wednesday, Rajasekhar fell ill due to tension. Teaser and trailer of Kalki have done really well in the social media and yes, it is time for Rajasekhar to chill and enjoy the pre-release hype.