Rajamouli’s perfect planning for RRR release

Director SS Rajamouli takes a really long time to shoot his films, and release them. While waiting for his films is a gruelling task, considering the long periods of time audiences have to wait, to see the finished product, the final product makes up for more than the wait, due to how splendid and amazing every aspect of the film is.

Fans of NTR and Ram Charan have been waiting for nearly 3 years now, for the release of RRR, which has been delayed immensely, due to several reasons, including both the waves of coronavirus. The shooting of RRR remains to be stalled for now, and is expected to be resumed in July or August. The release date for RRR currently continues to be October 13th, 2021. However, it is more than safe to assume that the film will not release this year.

Given that there’s a decent amount of shooting left to be completed, sources say that Rajamouli planning to release the film next year. While it might be possible to release the film for Sankranthi next year, Rajamouli wants to take some buffer time, and wants to release it for the summer. Sources say that Rajamouli wants a buffer so that even if there’s a third wave or any other hurdles in between, he would be able to compensate the lost time with the extra time he has, and comfortable be able to release the film for Summer 2022. This is indeed a great plan for releasing RRR.

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