Rajamouli’s entry raising expectations on RRR

The main problem with releasing a big-budget film, made on a pan-Indian scale, like RRR, is that it needs a large audience, all of them going to the theatre, for the film to work and make a profit for the makers. If that doesn’t happen, then the producer would run into huge losses, one that he may not be able to recover so soon. Given the current situation, releasing a film like RRR is a huge risk, as everyone is scared of coronavirus. A third wave has already spread to many states in the country and is said to be imminent in Telangana as well.

The makers of RRR have thought of postponing the release of the film to next year, for Sankranthi, from October 13th this year. However, this doesn’t seem to have been possible for them, given that many big-budget films have planned their release for Sankranthi 2022, and several other films have worked themselves around RRR’s release date. At a time like that, postponing the film seemed to have been impossible for the marks, which is why it is being said that the film will be released this year itself.

Among these discussions, Rajamouli is said to be seen as a guest on NTR’s Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu, further adding fuel to the specualtions of RRR arriving in October. If the film arrives in October itself, then the promotions of the film have to be started right away, given that it needs a huge audience, and the more the marketing, the more the chances for audiences to turn out at the theatres.

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