Rajamouli working on his USP in RRR

Director SS Rajamouli is known for his powerful flashbacks and intense drama between his characters. He is especially adept at handling the emotions between a mother and her son, as was evidenced in Chatrapati and Baahubali. On the whole, Rajamouli is usually known for delivering engaging drama to the audiences, and amazing action sequences.

In a recent interview, Rajamouli’s father, and writer Vijayendra Prasad, said that RRR would be high on emotions and action. He said that the action in RRR would be interlaced with emotion, which would make the audience cry. He said that these would be one of the highlights of the film. Earlier, Vijayendra Prasad also said that Alia Bhatt’s Sita will be one of the main attractions of RRR, as her character would bring a lot of depth to the film.

Vijayendra Prasad had also revealed that the shooting part of RRR is completed, with the exception of two songs, which would be done very soon. He said that RRR would release on October 13th, as per schedule, and that there would be no delays. NTR and Ram Charan’s fans have been waiting eagerly for the film ever since it started, and looks like they’re about to get a feast on October 13th this year.

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