Rajamouli speaks what’s in everyone’s mind

Producers have been eyeing OTT deals as a way to save themselves from a film that turned out to be a disaster at the box office. That raises the question of why anyone is even releasing a film in theatres in the first place. But when you have already released a film in the theatres, why release it on OTT platforms within a month?

There are so many questions regarding the poor performance of movies in theatres in India currently, and no one has the right answer for it. The Multiplex Association of India recently took a decision where it has asked all producers of the country to release a film on OTT platforms only eight weeks after the release of the film in theatres. Director SS Rajamouli has responded to this decision and has said what’s been going on in everyone’s minds.

Rajamouli said that irrespective of when a film would be allowed to be released on an OTT platform, we all need more good content to be produced if audiences are to watch it. He said that no one would be willing to watch something that is subpar or downright bad in theatres or on OTT. Well, here’s hoping that filmmakers across the country understand this.

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