Rajamouli opens up about OTT platforms

The coronavirus pandemic drastically changed up the way audiences are used to watching films, as OTT platforms have risen immensely during this time, due to the shutting down of theatres, and a total lockdown. The impact, whether positive or negative, of the rise of OTT platforms, is not clear yet, for the audiences, as the pandemic continues to scare people, and the theatres have just reopened.

In the meantime, several statements are being made by several filmmakers, on how OTT platforms could impact the theatre business. Director SS Rajamouli has made a statement on the same very recently, while talking to the media. He said that OTT platforms and theatres would coexist together, and that people would never stop going to the cinemas to watch a film.

Rajamouli said that the rise of OTT platforms poses a major challenge to filmmakers though, as they have to make their films visually stunning, and compelling, to draw the audiences to the theatres, in the modern age. On the other hand, it is being siad that the teaser for Rajamouli’s RRR would be released on November 1st.

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