Rajamouli introduces a new trend with RRR promotions

Director SS Rajamouli is a pioneer of sorts, with the way he introduced pan-Indian cinema to the Indian audience, with the Baahubali franchise, which broke all records and set a new standard for Indian Cinema. Rajamouli is also the kind of director who made the Indian audiences go awe with his marketing strategy for the Baahubali franchise, which he only doubled down on, for RRR.

In case of the Baahubali franchise, Rajamouli interacted with various press and media across the country, but for RRR, he introduced a brand new trend of promotions. For RRR, the director has been following a pattern of internal marketing, wherein those from within the industry, or close to Rajamouli, are interviewing the team of RRR, which not only makes sure that the film is marketed the way it’s supposed to be, but also the fact that uncomfortable questions could be avoided as well.

On the other hand, the pre-bookings for RRR have been highly exceptional, with audiences rushing to buy themselves tickets to the movie, even in spite of the hiked prices. The film is all set for a stellar first day.

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