Rajamouli gives it back to RGV in his own style

RGV is a man of talent and uses everyone’s name for publicity. So, today he launched a song on KA Paul from his film Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Redlu.

On twitter he posted If JOKER is such a big hit in India a biopic on K A PAUL will be bigger than BAHUBALI 3 ..I heard @ssrajamouli is already in talks with K A PAUL in Washington D C..This K A PAUL only phoned me and told me.

So, giving it back to him in a very humorous way, Rajamouli said Nannu involve cheyyakandi “RAJU” garu.. Raju is RGV’s caste and Rajamouli used it effectively to shut RGV’s mouth.


Rajamouli RGV1


Rajamouli RGV2