Raghu Kunche requests saying “Addam Padakandanna”!

Raghu Kunche after being a music composer, actor, dubbing artist for several years decided to become a producer. Along with some of his friends, he invested in the suspense thriller, 47 Days. The thriller starring Satya Dev and Pooja Jhaveri started streaming on Zee5 platform from 30th June. The reviews and critics did not spare the quality of the movie. They talked about the screenplay being too predictable for a thriller.

They even made though comments about the length of the movie and performances. Raghu Kunche reacted to this feedback and asked, “Should a producer be hiding on the day of the release thinking about what will be written by critics?” He also asked, “Don’t you people also live on the same Industry and if you kill producers who will take risk despite knowing that we can lose money?” He finally requested, “During these tough times, finding any penny from any corner is a blessing. Please don’t stop it too. – Addam Padakandanna!”

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