Radhe Shyam: Did Rajamouli’s cuts make it?

Young rebel star Prabhas’s much-awaited film, Radhe Shyam, was released on Friday and opened to mixed reviews, which are only increasing with every passing day. Radhe Shyam has been made over a span of three years, due to the pandemic, and there are several inconsistencies in the film as a result of that. The film saw huge openings on the first day everywhere, and the collections in the North belt began to increase from the second day.

The movie is being criticised for many things, including its pace, Prabhas’s looks, and the lack of action in the film. Just a couple of days before the release of the film, sources revealed that director Rajamouli suggested some changes in the film’s screenplay, keeping in mind Prabhas’s pan-Indian appeal.

Now that the film has been released, it is being speculated whether or not the film was released after Rajamouli’s suggestions, and if this could be the reason behind Rajamouli’s silence towards the film. Given that the director has not only lent his voice to the film but also promoted it along with Prabhas, not to mention the close bond that Prabhas and Rajamouli share, it is coming as a surprise that the director hasn’t tweeted about the film. Rajamouli’s preparations for RRR’s release are also being stated as one of the main reasons for the director’s silence.

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