Pushpa’s release facing hiccups in Karnataka

Icon Star Allu Arjun is gearing up for the biggest release of any of his films in his career so far. Pushpa: The Rise is the first pan-Indian project of Bunny’s career, which is being released in all the South Indian languages, and in Hindi as well. The Hindi release of the film faced a few problems initially, but they have eventually been solved.

Now, the Kannada version’s release seems to be facing some problems, with the Kannada audiences calling for a boycott of the film. This is due to the less release of the Kannada version of the film in theatres in Karnataka, in comparison with the release of other versions of the film, namely Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, in Karnataka.

More than 200+ screens are showcasing the Telugu version, while more than 10 screens are showcasing the Hindi version, 4+ screens are showcasing the Malayalam version and 4+ screens are showcasing the Tamil version, while there are only 3 shows for the Kannada version. The Karnataka audience is of the opinion that there’s no need to release the film in Kannada when there are so few shows of the Kannada version in their own state. It is now to be seen what will happen.

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