Pushpa to start on a low note in AP?

There is no hiding the fact that the situation of the exhibition industry in Andhra Pradesh is currently very crucial, given the GO that was released by the Andhra Pradesh government, imposing restrictions on the prices at which film tickets should be sold in the state. This put a massive dent in the pre-release business of Akhanda, which was sold at Rs 28 Cr in Andhra, Rs 10 Cr in Ceded.

As a result, the tickets were sold at uniform rates in AP, at Rs. 150 in Ceded, and at Rs. 100 in AP. For Akhanda to get breakeven in AP, the first week’s collections should be stellar. On the other hand, with a huge film like Pushpa gearing up for a release, where Akhanda was sold for Rs 38 Crores, and is struggling to breakeven, everyone is worried about Pushpa’s condition, which has bene sold at Rs. 68 Crores.

The only possible outcome that is being looked at currently, is that the film could get in a good revenue, if tickets are sold in black. Ultimately, the exhibition industry, and thereby the film industry, are all in a fix due to the AP government’s decision.

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