Pushpa makers promise to not repeat their mistakes

Icon Star Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise, has been one of the most highly anticipated films of Tollywood ever since it was announced. The film, after several delays, was released yesterday, and has been receiving mixed responses from everywhere, and has been criticised for its less than impressive sound design and other pre-production shortcomings.

The most common complaint has been that the dialogues arent clearly audible at several places, and that neither the background score nor the sound design is completely up to the mark, with Bunny’s fans disappointed with the background score especially. THe release of the Malayalam version of the film has been delayed as the end product wasn’t deliverable on time, as the work on the film was going on until the day before its release.

The producers have now released a statement, acknowledging these problems, and assuring the adueinces that the second part of Pushpa wouldn’t be rushed, and that the shooting of the film would begin in March 2022, thus making sure that everything would be perfect.

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