Pushpa collections deeply impacted in AP

The GO that the Andhra Pradesh government released, announcing that all movie tickets would have to be bought through an online platform run by the government and that no permissions would be given for any extra, benefit or special shows, has had a huge impact on the exhibition industry in Andhra Pradesh. This has resulted in the phenomenal drop of pre-release business in the state and has resulted in a drop in collections for films.

This has very much impacted the first day collections of Pushpa: The Rise, as the film collected fewer numbers in coastal Andhra than in Nizam. The collections in coastal Andhra are usually double that in Nizam, which makes it clear that the impact of the GO is huge on the first day collections. While the first day collections of Pushpa made this apparent, other films too have faced this.

RRR is also expected to suffer the same fate if there’s no change in the GO. The normal collection in coastal Andhra is expected to be 20% of the collection that Pushpa has now received.

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