Puri opting for the safest route in recent times

Films are a huge gamble, no matter what, as no one knows for sure whether the investment they put in will come back to them or not. As such, the film business has become much more of a gamble in recent times due to the increased costs and the fact that audiences are expecting more quality over quantity.

With the current theatrical market being a little challenging, Puri is said to have opted for the safest route for the release of Liger. Firstly, Karan Johar is said to have no stakes in the film at all, as the entire investment has been made by Puri, with Karan only being the co-producer as far as the credits go. However, Karan is said to enjoy the complete share of profits in the Hindi market.

On the other hand, Puri and Vijay are not said to have taken much remuneration, and they are totally dependent on the success of the movie. With Liger’s theatrical rights being sold at good prices, and with the budget not being inflated as much as other films’ budgets are, it is expected that Puri’s safe bet will turn into a profit.

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