Puri makes shocking statements on Mahesh Babu

Puri Jagan was not really happy with Mahesh Babu as the star hero did not okay a film with him. Puri told this in several interviews that Mahes should come out in the open and say whether he is interested in doing a film with him or not.

The said project never happened and now Puri is back with a bang with the success of ismart Shankar. The promotional interviews are on and in one of them, Puri made some shocking statements that now that he has scored a hit and if Mahesh comes to him to do a film, he will not okay it.

This has raged fans who are abusing Puri Jagan and saying that it was Mahesh who saved Jagan’s career with a film like Pokkiri. But Jagan is not miffed with this and is saying that he will not work with Mahesh anymore.

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