Puri living up to his legacy with Liger

Puri Jagannath is a unique director whose working style and cinematic style are completely different from anyone else’s. One can easily figure out which is Puri’s film and which is not, thanks to his unique, hard-hitting dialogues and intense tonality of the film.

Apart from his unique filmmaking, Puri has established a legacy for himself, where is known to give actors an impressive makeover, like never before in any of the actor’s previous films. Once someone works with Puri, their image is changed forever, and audiences are often of the belief that if any actor wants a makeover, they should work with Puri.

For Liger too, Puri is impressing the audiences with the way Vijay Deverakonda has transformed himself. According to the latest reports, Puri is about to showcase Vijay in an ultimate way in a special song, where Vijay is expected to show off his chiselled body. Vijay will be seen as a boxer in the film and got ripped for the role. Ananya Panday is the leading lady of the film, which is being made on a pan-Indian scale, and Bollywood producer Karan Johar is co-producing the film, along with Charmmee. Liger was supposed to release in August this year but has now been postponed due to the second wave, and the new release date is yet to be announced.

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