Puri Jagan wants to work with Vijay Devarakonda now

Puri Jagan has bounced back in a strong way now with the super success of his film Ismart Shankar which has now become a blockbuster and is already drawing loads of money at the box office in the Telugu states.

Puri already is in the news when he made comments against Mahesh for not doing his film Jana Gana Mana. Puri now wants to revive his project and says that he will sit on the script and make it more feasible to suit today’s standards of audience.

When asked whom will he make this film with, Puri in an interview said that he has stars like Vijay Devarakonda or any other star hero. Mostly, he wants to do it with Vijay and will soon narrate the script to him when he gets some time off. For now, he wants to take a break for at least two months.