Punarnavi, The young and Chirpy Pakkinti Ammayi

The young actress Punarnavi Bhupalam needs no introduction. She kicked off her career in TFI with a role in Uyyala Jampala and cemented her ability with a brief but important role in Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju.

And her latest short film Ammaku Prematho Nee Sadhika is another proof that she isn’t taking things lightly. A rare Telugu ammayi in the film industry, Punarnavi has got the rare fiery nature which comes across in the way she performs. Her biggest asset is her clarity in the Telugupp diction which makes her seem close to our heart, just like a pakkinti ammayi.

Young and energetic, this short film brings out a beautiful side to this talented girl who shows a transition of emotions beautifully. Well, we’d like to see more of her on the silverscreen!