Producers remain fixated on theatre releases

The advent of the OTT platforms, and their rise in the last year, due to the shutting down of theatres as a result of coronavirus, has entirely changed the entertainment industry in India. India remained mostly dependant on theatrical releases despite OTT platforms, and Tollywood was at its best, with theatre business on the rise.

However, the coronavirus pandemic made things totally unrecognisable, with more and more digital content being produced every day, than theatrical content. Several films that were supposed to get a theatrical release last year, were released directly on OTT platforms, due to the pandemic. Several other films were also rumoured to be released directly on OTT platforms, but they stuck to being released theatrically.

Even now, several films, including Nani’s Tuck Jagdish, Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi’s Love Story, and many other films, are said to have been offered huge amounts for a direct OTT release. The producers of these films, though, have decided to stick to releasing the films only in theatres, and not on OTT platforms, until at least October, post which they are said to be thinking of going for OTT releases. It is now to be seen which films will stick to releasing theatrically, and which films will opt for an OTT release.

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