Pressure building on AP government over tickets issue?

The Andhra Pradesh government, regardless of the number of meetings that it held with several members of Tollywood, decided to act against all of their requests, and issue a GO stating that movie tickets would have to be sold through an online portal run by the government, at prices fixed by the government. The GO also stated that no permissions would be given for any special, extra or benefit shows.

While the GO is on one hand, on the other hand, no one in the state seems to be bothered about the GO, with local MLAs themselves bribing the local authorities to the ticket prices that are being fixed by theatre owners. The massive corruption that is going on in this regard has become a matter of headlines for everyone, turning out to be an embarrassment for the AP government.

At the same time, several Tollywood celebrities are said to be bringing pressure on to Jagan government, to reconsider their GO, and to ease the restrictions imposed. Since the GO is anyway not being followed properly, it is being said that the AP government would go down on their restrictions.

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