Prati Roju Pandage

Pratiroju Pandage has released along with Balakrishna’s Ruler today. The family drama is directed by Maruthi and read on to see whether it has anything interesting in store for us.

Story: Raghuramayya played by Satyaraj is diagnosed with lung cancer and only has five weeks of life left. He calls all his family to be on his side during his last days. But his sons hesitate to come and Sai played by Sai Tej comes down and makes his grandfather happy. His family also comes down and everyone has a good time and Satyaraj’s health also becomes good. This does not go well with the kids who want to go back and insult their dad. The crux of the story is how they mingled together at the end.

Performances: Rao Ramesh is the real hero of the film and evokes superb comedy. Whenever he is on screen, he generates good comedy which leaves the audience in splits. Satyaraj is becoming a pro in doing such roles and he is the depth factor in the film as his emotional avatar is good.

Sai Dharam Tej looks lean and has done a neat job as the loving grandson. Raashi Khanna is beautiful and brings the house down on fire. Hari Teja is very good in her role. Mahesh Vitta was nice and all the other actors who did the role of Satyaraj’s son were very good.

Rao Ramesh
Comedy episodes


Analysis: The film has a thin storyline which was the same in Shatamanam Bhavati as well. But Maruthi gives his twist with comedy. Until the comedy comes, the film looks very good and keeps entertaining everyone. But when the emotions part comes it becomes dull and is rushed on to the audience.

Thaman’s music is superb and he gives the songs a good push. The first half has hilarious comedy scenes with Rao Ramesh taking the lead. But the film should have been more serious in showcasing the father and son relationship. The sons are shown as big villains who want their father to die and this looks too much for the audience.

The way the film is ended is also not fine as one scene changes everyone which is silly. The film has good family episodes and will be liked by the rural town of poeple. But if you want a great story and drama this film is missing with that as it is routine. So, make up your choice and watch accordingly.

Rating: 2.5/5

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