Prashanth Neel confirms, but what about Koratala?

There hasn’t been any update regarding NTR’s movie with director Koratala Siva in a long time, with everyone saying that the film would begin soon, once Koratala is out of his Acharya mess and once he’s done tweaking his script for the film. In the meantime, director Prashanth Neel has given an update regarding his film with NTR.

He revealed that he would be done with the shoot of Prabhas’s Salaar by early 2023 and said that the shoot for his film with NTR would begin in Summer 2023. This came as a major piece of news for NTR’s fans, who rejoiced at it. However, this has left a gaping doubt for everyone, as there’s no update regarding Koratala and NTR’s film.

NTR’s fans are said to be worried about whether or not NTR’s film with Koratala would even materialize in the first place or if the actor’s film with Prashanth Neel will be his 30th film. Sources close to the actor say that Koratala’s film is a sure thing, though and that the shoot might begin in September or October, and it would be wrapped up quickly, before Summer 2023.

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