Prashant Neel to create the biggest action universe in Indian Cinema?

Director Prashant Neel is currently on a major high, given that his recent release, KGF 2, is performing wonders at the box office, even taking over the records set by Baahubali 2. The director even teased KGF 3 at the end of KGF 2, which is creating a lot of excitement and buzz among audiences.

It is now being said that Prashant is planning to make a single film out of Salaar 2 and KGF 3, making an action-packed universe of his own. If this turns out to be true, then it would be the biggest film of all time, as it not only brings two mass heroes together but also two popular films together. Of course, Salaar is yet to be released, but the buzz surrounding the movie is massive.

Salaar is a high voltage action movie, with Prabhas playing a mining worker who then becomes a don. Salaar is currently scheduled to be released in 2023. On the other hand, Prashant Neel is set to work with NTR after he is done with his current commitments.

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