Prakash Raj trashes all rumours

It is already known that Prakash Raj, and a lot of his MAA panel members, gave in their resignation, following their loss in the MAA elections that were conducted on October 10th. Vishnu Manchu won the elections with a vast majority, surprising everyone. While Vishnu said that he wouldn’t accept the resignations of anyone, as all members are very crucial right now, in the days ahead, as the industry has a lot to sort out with the governments of the Telugu states.

Rumours began today that Prakash Raj and his panel members were planning to start a new association, removed from the rest of MAA. Prakash Raj has now come forward and clarified that there is no truth to these rumours and that no one is planning to start a separate association.

On the other hand, there have been several allegations against Mohan Babu since the very beginning, that he bullies a lot of artists in the industry, and it was he and Naresh who ran the show before the MAA elections, with Vishnu standing as the face of it. It is also being said that a lot of discrepancies took place during the MAA elections, with manipulations having been done by Vishnu’s panel.

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