Prakash Raaj becomes voice of Wild Karnataka

Versatile actor and politician, Prakash Raaj is from Karnataka but he adapted to all languages and cultures he made movies in. From the past three decades, he remained an influential filmmaker and actor. He is now the voice of Wild Karnataka, a documentary on the wild life in India and mainly in Karnataka state. There are many reserve forests and natural sanctuaries in the state, that present the South Indian flora and fauna in all its glory.

With Prakash Raaj voicing it, the show seems to have gathered good weight. Rajnikanth went on a wild field trip with Bear Grylls for an episode that explores India’s forests and even PM Narendra Modi appeared on an episode with Bear Grylls. Well, the documentaries in India are also seeking to find popular and strong representation from great personalities. Hence, even Mahesh Babu shared intrest to watch the show after Prakash Raaj, said he is voicing it.

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