Prabhas21 is still in scripting stage!

We have been hearing lot of rumours about casting choices for Prabhas21 to be directed by Nag Ashwin in the production of Ashwini Dutt. The film is said to be Pan-World film by the director, himself. Now, he gave a clarity that the film is still in scripting stage and the team cannot confirm any casting choices, yet. He said that the lockdown has slowed things down but the major concentration is on script.

Once the script work and pre-viz is also over, then he will announce, every detail himself. We can decode that from his reply. He said that the team has some casting choices but none of them have been locked in yet. Well, Prabhas fans thought they will get back to back films from their star post Saaho but Corona virus scare has changed all those plans. They have to wait for one year to see Prabhas20 and 21 could release in 2022.

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