Prabhas turning saviour for many

Young Rebel Star Prabhas has the kind of stardom that no other actor in India was privy to, previously. He rose to pan-Indian stardom after his turn as Mahendra and Amarendra Baahubali in the Baahubali franchise, making him one of the most famous actors in the country, if not the most.

Prabhas has been seen only in one commercial so far – for Mahindra TUV 300, and it was recently reported that he lost out on Rs. 150 Crores worth endorsements, simply because he didn’t want to be a bad influence by endorsing the wrong products. However, Prabhas is now definitely putting his stardom to good use, endorsing and promoting small films on social media platforms.

Prabhas has supported several small films so far, including one in which comedian Ali is playing the lead role. Most of these films were as good as non-existent until Prabhas promoted them. While some are arguing that this is a wrong step for Prabhas, who is putting his stardom at risk with such promotions, a major section of people think that Prabhas is saving all of these films. Thanks to him, all these films are now recognised and will be watched by many. Prabhas is indeed turning out to be a saviour.

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