Prabhas: From a non-believer to believer for Radhe Shyam

Director SS Rajamouli and yPrabhas sat down for an interview with each other, with the duo promoting Prabhas’s upcoming film, Radhe Shyam, which is releasing tomorrow, on March 11th. This is the first time that the two have come in front of the media after their Baahubali series, which put both of them on the national map, making Prabhas a pan-India star.

In the interview, the two discussed many things, including Prabhas’s beliefs. Rajamouli noted that Prabhas is a star opposite to Vikramaditya in real life, in the context of his beliefs, where Prabhas is a person who believes that hard work is everything, and not much depends on astrology or palmology and such. However, he plays Vikramaditya, a world-renowned Palmologist in Radhe Shyam, which prompted Rajamouli to ask the actor how his experience was, to make such a huge transition.

Prabhas said that this was very much like in the case of Baahubali, where he killed many people on the screen, but wouldn’t kill any in real life. Prabhas said that while he still believes that hard work is everything, after Baahubali he realised that there’s the factor of fate and destiny that also come into play, which was what he channeled, while playing Vikramaditya.

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