Pooja A Gor misses her Co Star Sushant Singh Rajput

  • September 7, 2023 / 05:00 PM IST

Actress Pooja A Gor described her late co-star Sushant Singh Rajput as a “wonderful” performer as she took a trip down memory lane.

Pooja and Sushant co-starred in the Abhishek Kapoor-written and -directed 2018 film “Kedarnath” Sara Ali Khan made her acting debut in the film. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the film.

Talking about Sushant, Pooja A Gor told “About Sushant I would like to say that it’s unfortunate that he is not with us anymore. He was a good guy. And what a wonderful actor. Always hungry to learn something new. I had known him for a long time since we all started our careers pretty much at the same time, but this was the first time we were working together on the same project.”

“I am glad I got a chance to work with him. I will always remember the discussions we had on set on various topics. Wherever he is, I hope he is happy,” Pooja A Gor shared.

Recalling the shoot of the movie, Pooja said: “We shot a major chunk of the movie in Kedarnath itself. And I remember one of the days when I was not shooting, I decided to go to the Kedarnath Temple. Now the day I had decided to go, it was cold, windy, grey and gloomy. As our helicopter was getting closer, we could barely see the temple.”

“But, then something magical happened. The moment we landed there, almost like a heavenly occurrence I saw the clouds and the fog slowly started clearing, making way for the sun which shone on the temple, and we could see the temple shining from all the way across the helipad, and it was the most divine sight I have ever seen in my life,”told the actress

Pooja A Gor said, “I recall it clearly. I can still picture my goosebumps. Bholenath seemed to be asking, “What took you so long? I had been expecting you. Never in a million years will I forget that day or that vision.

In her most recent acting appearance, Pooja plays Officer Arjun’s (Dulquer Salmaan) better half in the crime-thriller series “Guns & Gulaabs.”

In the early 1990s, in the erratic and unstable town of Gulaabganj, is where the gripping story “Guns & Gulaabs” is set. The show is a tribute to Bollywood in the 1990s, bringing back its allure. The genre-defying series combines young adult themes with romance, comedy, action, pulp, thrill, and twists.

The brilliant team Raj & DK’s ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ displays their distinct brand of creative humour throughout. Rajkummar Rao, Dulquer, Adarsh Gourav, T.J. Bhanu, Gulshan Devaiah, and the late Satish Kaushik, who is seen in a career-defining performance, are among the series’ dynamic cast members.

The series crosses genres as it follows a lovestruck mechanic, a reluctant heir to a governing gang, and an honest officer-turned-agent-of-chaos against the backdrop of hilarious power struggles and vengeance schemes. The wonderful innocence that comes with growing up in a tiny town, complete with heartbreaks, betrayal, and a world of firsts, is also experienced by a trio of schoolmates, who adds to this.

Netflix is streaming it.

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