Politics and Tollywood: A thread that’s only getting uglier

The Telugu Film Industry and Telugu politics have always been tied to one another, thanks to the legendary NT Rama Rao, who became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh twice, making history forever. He remains to be the only actor to have ever become the Chief Minister of the Telugu state to date, as no other actor has been able to make such an impact after that.

Thanks to his contributions to both the fields – cinema and politics – the ties between both the fields have always been strong, especially in Telugu. Tollywood has always had good relations with Telugu politicians, and it all looked like one happy family. While this continues to stay true to Telangana, the same cannot be said of the relations between Tollywood and the current Andhra Pradesh government.

Apart from the obvious fact that the AP government rattled the industry when it announced its slashed ticket prices, many celebrities have pledged their loyalty to the AP government and started using abusive language towards other actors, which resulted in them not getting any more prominent roles in films. What was once a harmonious union has been greatly affected in recent times, and if a proper agreement is not achieved, or if things don’t change, then it’s safe to say that the remaining thread of relations will only get uglier.

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