Pokiri: 16 years to this classic

Tollywood has always been inclined towards mass and commercial films. Every once in a while, there came a film that rewrote all previously held records, with its trend-setting tone and unique way of storytelling. It was the turn of Pokiri when it was released on April 28th, 2006. There wasn’t much buzz surrounding the film at the time, but upon release, the film made Mahesh and director Puri Jagannath stars overnight.

Mahesh became a Superstar from Prince, and also became the first actor in Tollywood to gain a dedicated female following. He became nationally renowned, with Bollywood filmmakers knocking on his door. Director Puri Jagannath became the talk of the town, and everyone wanted to work with the director thereon. The climax was the highlight of the film, something that was talked about, for years to come, and something that is still talked about.

The impact that Pokiri created in 2006 is something that is still very much talked about and became forever embedded into Tollywood’s pop culture. The film became a classic, unlike any other action film before it, in Tollywood.

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