Playing Raghuram was not so easy for Bellamkonda Sreenivas

The Bellamkonda lad has done a lot of comedy for his role in Sita and says that after Alludu Seenu, this is the only film he got to do some comedy. The Teja directorial is releasing on Friday and as a part of promotions, the actor spoke to the media and here is what he said.

Tell us how working with Teja is?


I have learnt a lot while working with him. He told us that, one has to believe in the character in order to play it. To play Raghu Ram, he said that I have to become Raghu Ram and only then I can perform well. It is such a small point, but made a huge difference in working style.”

Beginning with the title, everything about the film is female centric. Weren’t you apprehensive?


No. Not at all. The title Sita is apt for the story and in the film, Sita is the hero. Many people have told me to insist on the director to change the title. But I wanted to break the stereotype. So I had no issues with the title as Sita. I wasn’t apprehensive at all because I have performed really well and people have a lot to watch from me. So let them see that. I wanted to do a character-based role and finally when I got a chance to do it, why should I say no

What is so special about Raghu Ram?


The role I have played has too many modulations. I haven’t done anything like that before and all were serious roles. In this role, I showed innocence, comedy, anger and a lot. So it was pretty challenging and that is really special to be Raghu Ram.

How about the shooting of Rakshasan? When is it releasing?


The shoot of Rakshasan is almost completed. In ten to fifteen days, the whole film be wrapped up. We are also planning to make a Hindi version of the film because all my films, which are dubbed into Hindi have got more than 100 million views on YouTube. So everything will be wrapped up in 15 days. We are expecting to release the film in July.