PK, the only actor to have suffered the most

Pawan Kalyan’s return to the silver screen was marked with Vakeel Saab, directed by Sriram Venu, which was released last year. The film’s release marked a huge cause for celebration for Pawan’s fans, as it was the actor’s first release in three years, and the first release since the disastrous Agnyathavaasi. While Pawan’s fans in Telangana rejoiced as planned, hurdles were caused for Pawan’s fans in Andhra Pradesh, due to the actor’s political stance in AP.

Benefit and extra shows were cancelled for the movie in AP, and this film subsequently resulted in the reduction of ticket prices in the state, a conflict that Tollywood has only managed to resolve a few weeks ago. After several discussions and meetings with the AP government, Tollywood has been able to get the prices of tickets increased in AP, but despite the efforts, Pawan’s films are the only ones to have suffered the most.

Just yesterday, the AP government released the new GO, increasing the prices of movie tickets in the state, making Pawan the only actor with two films that suffered as a result.

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