Pic Talk: Sesh manages to stay frozen in time

Adivi Sesh is one of the most sought after actors in Tollywood right now. He created a niche for himself in the industry, and always manages to entertain audiences with unique scripts and compelling performances. He has also proved himself to be a great writer, apart from being an actor, and has co-written the script for a few of his films.

Adivi Sesh took to Twitter today and posted a black and picture of his from when he was 14. He explained that this photo was taken by his friend who was learning photography when they were in the US. From the picture, it is very clear that Sesh hasn’t changed much since then, and still looks the very same. It’s as though the actor has stopped ageing, and froze in time.

Sesh is currently working on Major, which is based on Major Unnikrishnan’s life – the hero of the 26/11 attacks. This film is being made on a pan-Indian scale, and Superstar Mahesh Babu is producing the film. There are good expectations on the film, and it is expected to release this year. On the other hand, Sesh will work on Goodachari 2, once the shooting for Major is done.

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