Pailwan is a film which is the biggest in terms of budget and scale for Kiccha Sudeep in Kannada. He has given his life and soul for this film which has made its way to the theaters today. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Story: The story is simple, Sarkar played by Sunil Shetty adopts an orphan Krishna played by Sudeep and makes his a Pailwan. Sarkar’s only dream is that Krishna wins the national wrestling championship. Things get messed up with the entry of heroine Aakanksha Singh whom Krishna marries in a freak incident. This twist dents the relation between Krishna and Sarkar who pushes him out of his school. Poor Krishna starts leading a simple life only until he gets a chance to repay Sarkar back. Well, how does he do that is the rest of the story.

Performances: Sudeep does a Salman in Sultan and boy he is superb in his author-backed role. There was so much to do for Sudeep and did not lose an opportunity to make his fans happy. His sixpack to his elevations, everything works for Sudeep in Pailwan. Sunil Shetty was even better in his role as a mentor. The Bollywood hero still packs a punch and was very good in the film. Sudeep is ably supported by Aakanksha Singh but her romantic track was boring. Sushanth Singh was made a fool in the film with his idiotic track which had no meaning.


Sunil Shetty
Boxing Match


Routine plot
Dragged narration

Analysis: Pailwan has a flavor of Sultan in the first half beginning and at the ending of the film. The director Krishna nicely establishes the plot but from there on he slips through so many commercial elements that get off track and get on to your nerves. Until the Sunil Shetty and Sudeep angle is shown, the film looks good.

But from there on, a boring romantic track is induced thus making the film so boring. The mass episodes and fights keep coming and are superbly supported by the terrific BGM. But as the audience has seen such sports dramas very often in recent times, things get tiring. The film looks very good in bits and pieces but too many commercial episodes start creating havoc in the narrative.

Only Sudeep’s fans will love it as he has given a full meal for them. But the proceedings do not have that exciting moment which is an edge of the seat and makes up for a tiring watch.

Rating: 2/5

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