Pawan’s future directors in a tight spot

Pawan Kalyan is a man of the masses, and there’s no second word about that. He is an actor who has little impact whether his film is a success or not, owing to the kind of craze he has among the public. Pawan’s fans were highly disappointed when the actor announced his retirement from acting, after Agnyathavaasi, but were the happiest when it was announced the actor would be making a comeback.

Pawan’s political career has been causing a few hiccups for his film career, which was the most evident when his comeback film Vakeel Saab was released. The Andhra Pradesh government created a few hurdles during the film’s release, owing to the government’s tiff with Pawan. Things got worse after Pawan’s speech during Republic’s pre-release event, and after ht producers council of Tollywood requested the actor very much, he agreed to not speak about politics when at a film event.

As a result, all of Pawan’s directors have now been put in a tight spot, with the actor reportedly requesting all of his directors to not make any political statements or get involved in any debates on Twitter, which could cause any problems at all. Pawan is said to have warned Harish Shankar to avoid such things, especially, after the director’s recent tiff with writer BVS Ravi on Twitter.

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