Pawan Kalyan’s vote becomes hot topic

The impact of Pawan Kalyan’s speech at the pre-release event of Republic hasn’t yet died down, and a lot has been said about his speech by the members of the MAA association. Amidst this, Mohan Babu made headlines when he reacted to Pawan’s statements, but instead asked him to vote for his son, Manchu Vishu, who’s contesting for the post of MAA President, instead of reacting to the questions that Pawan asked him.

Now, with the Mega compound supporting Prakash Raj, and many other Tollywood biggies supporting Manchu Vishnu. While the Mega Compund’s support is for Prakash Raj, who Pawan Kalyan is supporting, is still unclear. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see if the actor will even cast his vote in the first place.

On the other hand, both Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj are campaigning to the core, to make sure that they and their respective panels win. Manchu Vishnu even announced his manifesto yesterday. The MAA elections are all set to take place on October 10th

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