Pawan Kalyan also looks at grabbing the Pan-India market!

Pawan Kalyan has a huge image as an star in Telugu states and his Hindi dubs have made him popular in Northern states too. His films have opened to good crowds in other states where Telugu settlements are high. Now, he wants to use this market opening to establish an All-India level market for himself. His films like Sardar Gabbar Singh have released in other languages and other states before but they did not audiences as much as he anticipated.

So, he asked his filmmakers to concentrate on the universal stories and screenplays that will work at All-India level. As a politician, he has huge popularity and he wants to convert that into votes, if possible with the films that reflect his ideology in fun manner. Vakeel Saab will release in Telugu States as the first biggie after Pandemic. Post that his films with Krish and Harish Shankar will have Pan-India releases. Pawan Kalyan has asked the filmmakers to plan schedules in such a way that the movies finish at a faster rate and he wants to work continuously, so that it will benefit out of work film based workers to get back to normalcy post pandemic sooner than later.

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